Thursday, January 8, 2009

Keep Your Laundry Happy & Healthy

I've decided that along with talking obsessively about myself, I would also like to talk about the cool products that I use, trust or that I am trying out. This is really just an extension of talking about myself, which is the way we Cavills like it. I will probably do this once a week or so. It's good practice for real writing and I do want to share with you the things I love, except my husband, because that's a little too HBO for my house. I might also do the occasional 'Shout Out,' which won't be so much a review, as an ode to something or someone that is awesome (i.e, my boots from Garnet Hill, my kids). So there you have it, and here you go:

Biokleen Citrus Laundry Liquid
This earth-friendly detergent is free of all polymers, petrochemicals and optical brighteners and will get your clothes as white as you mother's Arm & Hammer. There is no comparison to similar laundry liquids, which, while adequate at cleaning clothes, tend to leave whites slightly grey and barely make a dent in stains. I used them anyway, because I wanted a chemical-free product, but may never go back now that I have tried Biokleen. I have only used the citrus, which has grapefruit and orange peel extracts, but they do offer free and clear and cold water versions. Biokleen is more expensive than the other earth-friendly brands, but is offered online in bulk or at lowered prices. It is also concentrated, so it goes a long way. The only downside to Biokleen is that you have to rinse the measuring cap after you use it, which is a minor hassle if you don't have a laundry sink.

• photo by studiosaynuk


  1. Perhaps you can stick the cup under the water filling the washer to rinse out the cup--giving the load a tiny bit more liquid cleaner and also avoiding the need for a sink... Just a thought! I'm a few posts into your blog and enjoying your writing--thanks for shamelessly plugging yourself on the Gossip Girl comments on! :)

  2. I do the rinsing thing, but it still stays goopy. Thank you so much for reading and posting a comment! My husband made me shamelessly promote myself and now I'm glad I did. Be well!