Saturday, February 21, 2009

Make Love Not Football

It's been a whole two days since my last Friday Night Lights recap, but I am trying to get back on schedule, so here's another one.

Last recap I wished bad things for JD and now I feel bad. He's really just a robot-child under the control of his inventor father. He's actually kind of cute once you get a look at him and his mom seems alright. How excited was he when Riggins took him on the Riggins-eye view of Dillon? I'm glad Coach sees that this kid needs some real friends and a real life. I'm not sure he wanted him to go out and get hammered, but he clearly did not like Mr. McCoy humiliating his son after church, when he forced JD to apologize to Coach for his drunkenness.

He's trying to make these boys into men, and I think he realizes the benefits that a little independence and life experience can bring to the football field. None of which can be gained if your dad takes you to Applebee's after the game instead of letting you hang with the team — not to mention coming into the sacrosanct locker room after a game. I just love Coach's silent stare. It says a lot. So far though, JD is still a phenom on the football field, winning his first game as QB 1.*

Quick aside, loved when JD asked Riggins how many girlfriends he has. "Just the one," said Riggins, looking over at gorgeous Lila. (Does anyone know anyone that looked like either of these people in high school?) Anyway, sexy stuff that was.

I also said last recap that I wasn't too interested in Julie Taylor, but a lot has changed in 48 hours. Well, some things. I still don't think she's as compelling as the other characters on the show, but her first time (I assume, right?) with Saracen was the sweetest thing. The lake, the fire, the silly conversation, the kiss, the snuggling in the morning light afterwards, the sidelong glances in church — it was everything you want a first time to be. No regrets. I did wonder how Julie snuck back in without getting the wrath of Tami and Coach, but I will suspend my disbelief.

I think it's funny and telling, that despite JD's drinking and Julie and Saracen's debauchery, everyone made it to services the next morning. That's a small Texas town for you.

And now to the most important part of the episode. The wedding dress that Mindy plans to wear to her wedding. It has fairy wings and a tasteful amount of ass-crack showing. Seriously. While this monstrosity was being tried on Tyra was filling out college applications. Not only should she consider typing those, but she needs to shut her mother down. A woman whose life is apparently such a trove of happiness that she thinks Tyra should follow suit by skipping college and trying to find a good man to support her.

Of course, Tyra took money from Mr. Rodeo to pay for her college applications and bought his iffy story about the ex and her claims that she is owed back child support. I actually think this might be evolving as a stalker story instead of a deadbeat dad story, but maybe that's because I want good things for Tyra. There is still the issue of the pills and his general attitude about her school attendance. He's not good news, but maybe he's not as bad as he seems? Unlikely I know. Tyra's wistful look when she mentioned Landry was revealing. I don't think their story is quite over yet either.

About Landry, he is apparently in a sucky band that now has a cute girl bassist, who will probably audition for Idol next year. Whatever. This story doesn't interest me yet.

Jason Street's cockamamie plan to flip a house with his crack team of morons took a touching turn this week. Erin and Noah left for Jersey (It's very expensive here! Don't do it!), we saw that they are a family, albeit one that is at an impasse. Coach's pep talk to Jason to not give up on the house just because it wasn't going well, was needed, if a bit shouty and scripted. Loved that he was clearly helping Jason out with the place since he showed up late to the dance with paint in his hair. (Tami and Coach are some sexy stuff themselves. Woot woot.)

Jason singing to Noah on the phone was a nice way for the guys to see how badly he needs this house to work out. I have a feeling that maybe Coach and Tami are going to buy the place. Of course, for it to even get finished Billy needs to stop hammering nails in his hand. Billy and Mindy really are a match made in hell.

In blogging news: I make no promises!

* Kyle Chandler's laugh when Grandma laid into him for demoting Saracen, but said she could never stay mad at him, was adorable. I do love the men on this show.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Benched and Broken

It happened. Saracen was benched. It makes football sense, even if isn't what Coach's heart wanted him to do. He has an obligation to everyone on the team to win games, and JD helps them accomplish that in the most straightforward manner — he throws the football really, really far and it lands exactly where it is supposed to. I weep for Saracen though. I want so much for him to have a happy, peaceful, albeit fictional I realize, life. His mother is here now though, so maybe she is one door opening, while another closes. I'm waiting to find out that JD steals or snorts or something though, because I. do. not. feel. that. kid. No, I don't.

Julie gets a tatoo, which sends Coach and Tami off the deep end. I understand that this is upsetting to parents and I hope that if my kids choose to get tattoos, they hide them from me, but really, it's just a tattoo. It's not track marks. The reality, so far anyway, is that Julie is the girl with a slightly bad attitude and a few down-market friends, that still gets As and does all the reading. This is part of the reason that her character isn't all the interesting. I don't worry about what is going to become of her. I liked Tami's pep talk though. I like the image of her and Coach dragging one another out of chaos to a happy life, back when they were kids. 

Tami's real worry is Tyra. Our little striver, isn't striving so much anymore. She's nose-diving in school and getting in deeper with Mr. Rodeo, who is definitely a pill enthusiast. I guess hanging out with Riggins and her mother all of her life, has made her blind to people with substance abuse issues. Tami gives Tyra a talking to about the direction of her life and love, but before she gets a chance to let it sink in, Mr. Rodeo whisks her off — mid-school day — to a barn to see a freshly born baby calf. That old trick. It totally works and she swears to Tami that Mr. Rodeo is rainbows and sunshine. This isn't going to be good.

As for Jason Street, he is still working at the car dealership, and his baby and baby mama Erin, are not living with him. He is still living with Herc, which is pretty funny. I have never understood why Jason didn't go to college, maybe I missed an episode if someone wants to fill me in. His plan to flip Buddy's house is pretty pathetic considering the economy and the team of geniuses he has assembled to help him, although I am happy that he and Riggins are still friends. Man, does Jason have Buddy's number. He knows you can't appeal to the man's conscience or heart or morals, because he has none, but remind him that you were once a great football player and he gives in. Nevermind, that you are now in a wheelchair with a new baby and few prospects. Buddy needs to get caught in bed with JD. I kid. Ish.

Erin went back East, so the house thing didn't really get her attention the way  Jason had hoped. Maybe they will make a killing. Maybe doing anything with Billy Riggins ends in disaster. We'll see. 

I wouldn't mind a little Lila/Riggins action, um, tomorrow (sorry this recap is so late!) and I'm not the least bit surprised that Tyra's Mr. Rodeo has a very angry ex knocking on Tyra's door.

In blogging news: Another FNL recap, a bit of Oscar talk and that long awaited chip review. I'm building a real excitement for it I think.