Thursday, February 5, 2009

Aflutter with Procrastination

I know I haven't done my Friday Night Lights recap. I might not this week. Recaps are hard and I live my life for the easy way out. This explains so much. Anyway, one of my favorite bloggers Marathon Mama* is also having a bit of blog block, so today instead of blogging about running, as I should be blogging about Coach Taylor, she set about listing what sets her heart aflutter.

This subject is wonderful for so many reasons. First, I love lists. Second, very Valentine's-y. Third, the word aflutter! I love the actual ache, skip, twitter, that something lovely or welcome brings to my heart. The mind/body slow dance is transformative. Duuuude.

On with my list (it's very interactive today):

My daughter's oven bellies. So soft and toasty, like fireside marshmallows. Also, handy for warming my hands on, which they find hilarious.
And Mimi saying 'I love books,' when we go the library.
And the way they say 'That's my mama" or "my daddy." Shout outs are always appreciated.

Kip and Hana from The English Patient. The novel, not the movie.

Darcy and Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice. The novel and the 1995 BBC miniseries.

These boots. Still.

Rows and rows of cherry blossom trees.

Beautiful note cards. Not that I ever use them, but I love them.

Robert Creeley's essay "Nothing New." Maybe it sets my mind aflutter, more than my heart, but I read it in college and it's always stayed with me. Very relevant for right now, personally and globally.

Vosges chocolate.


A great story — book, movie, TV. (A lifelong aflutterer for me.)

The sea. This lake.

Winning any board game.


This and this together. And just this.


In blog news: I hope to keep writing three times a week, but I've been lagging. We will see what motivates this weekend. Now go think about what gets your heart racing.

* I read her blog for the writing. I am most certainly not a marathon runner.

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