Friday, January 16, 2009

*These Boots Were Made for Bloggin'

I promised a product review yesterday, and I'm sure legions of you were crushed to find that I lied. I can't even remember what I did instead.** Probably went to the gym and watched Wall-E for the quintillionth time.

Ah, fascinating life, you do bewitch me!

It turns out I was more inclined to write a 'Shout Out' than a straight up 'Product Review.' Or a combo. We'll see what emerges.

Before I begin though, I want to draw your attention to all of the rad photography on Back to Me. No, not the "borrowed" celebrity pics — the ones by studiosaynuk. Most of you that read this know that he's my breadwinner, er, husband/personal photographer/graphic designer/super-dad/great guy. I love his work and I want all of you to love it as well. Check out his cool macro stuff here: morningmacro and everything else here: studiosaynuk. I really am such a lucky girl. Now, on with the blog.

Born Contrast Stitch Boot
A great pair of boots is fundamental, especially in the Northeast where boots are somewhat of a religion. It's cold; we have kickin' jeans; we want boots. Some people buy many pairs of boots and match them accordingly to the event and outfit. This is far too logical and expensive for me. Yes, I might like a pair of slouchy boots, a pair of high-heeled booties (hate that word) or at the very least a pair of tall black boots, but what I have are these Born boots.*** Cut like a riding boot, they are the perfect brown and made of soft Italian leather that creases just so. Loyal, broken in, comfortable. I wear them too often, to too many things, but they look great with comfy dresses and leggings, or skirts and tights and of course, with my ever-growing jean harem. I don't think they are available at Garnet Hill anymore, but I definitely recommend the Born brand, especially if they make another boot as devoted to excellence as this one. In other boot news, I am currently coveting these if anyone can spare a couple hundred dollars.

Tomorrow's blogging (for real this time): Friday Night Lights. Yippee!

* I tried to find another song about boots to use for a pun-y headline and there are surprisingly few. A Russian folk song called "Felt Boots," but it was fabrically incorrect, so I went back to the Nancy Sinatra well.
** Just remembered we play-dated with some excellent friends. That is worth skipping a blog post for.
*** Not counting my Bean boots and my Wellies, because they don't count.

• photo by studiosaynuk


  1. Ah yes, many is the time that WALL-E has disrupted my own plans for spending my own extra-company time.

    Also, I don't know what it is about Dylan that seems to bring the commenter out of my typical lurking, but I felt the need to submit "Boots of Spanish Leather" as a contender for a suitable song on which to pun with a fitting blog title.

  2. Hey. Thanks for commenting. I have a lot of readers (I been spamming all over the place), but no commenters! The Dylan song didn't show up when I Googled and I admit to having limited Dylan knowledge. Have you seen this:

  3. Hah, hah, hah! That's priceless.

    You know, after I posted this comment, a new song was released by a band you may have heard of. Too late for your post title, I know, but very fitting.

  4. You have an impressive knowledge of boot songs. That's a very cool song and would have worked well for the story. Bummer. I've never heard of this "U2," are they up and coming? ;)